Choose your SUP size

  1. The longer a board is the better it glides due to its increased water length.
  2. The wider a board is, the more balance it will provide.
  3. The shorter a board is the better it will be at changing direction, and react on foot pressure.

Choose your technology and art.

We have developed a range of board technologies to cover a wide range of needs and requirements. Most boards are made available in all technologies and their colors.

Technora Sandwich:
Super light weight PVC/Glass/Epoxy/EPS Sandwich for increased rigidity.

Sportech Sandwich:
Light Wood venee/Epoxyglass/EPS sandwich technology

TAC edition:
Collectors item, full wood/epoxy/glass technology with art design from snowboard guru Terje Haakonsen. Sizes 12’6”x30”, 10’5”x30”, 9’8”x30”, 9’0”x30”

Classic AST:
Startouch deck grip in bright way, a light,durable and impact resistant built with Epoxy/EPS glass technology

Tufskin Camo AST:
Impact resistant durable Epoxy/EPS glass technology with full EVA deck grip with 2 color choices, Black and Blue.

Candy AST:
Impact resistant durable Epoxy/EPS/glass technology with full EVA deck grip in original rainbow colors.


  • All boards with carry handle.
  • All EVA deck boards with diamond traction in standing area.
  • All boards with double leash inserts for extra strength.
  • With deck track: 12’6", 12’0", 11’2", 10’5", 10’0", 9’8" x 30" and 9’0" in Sport tech, Camo and Candy.
  • With TT box for windsurfing, Cruiser, Whopper Club edition and K 15.
  • With retractable daggerboard, SUPer 12’6".

Several of the models are functional for windsurfing and wave riding, but none of them are designed or built for jumping or planing.