9’8”x30” Element

Weight (Kgs.)
Sport Tech : 11.08
Camo Blue : 10.92
Camo Black : 10.92
Candy : -
Technora : 9.72
Classic : 11.3

The very successful design elements of the 10’5” condenses into a shorter an even more performance oriented board. Still stable for it’s size and providing direct paddling. It has extreme acceleration and due to shorter lengths and refined rails allows for greater precision whilst maintaining drive and fluidity though turns.


“For me it’s the diversity of the experience - One minute you are paddling on perfect flat water, gliding along, passing over all kinds of reef and sea life. The next minute you are slipping into head high perfection. There aren’t many sports where you can experience two totally different sensations at almost the same time and when you drop in to the bowl, your heart beats faster. The speed and power of the wave rushes up through your feet like an invisible energy source. You commit, set the rail and re focus on your exit. The wave, a perfect barrelling comic book swell chases you to the channel. Then you glide home on perfect flat water while un ridden waves reel off in the distance.”

John Hibbard